The Current Biggest Online Slots Wins

biggest online slots wins

There is always this misconception that people never win at online casino games. If that is the case then we would not have these people becoming instant millionaires by just signing up.

Furthermore, this winning goes on to prove that with patience and practise you will win real money online one day.

Here is the most current online casino winning list for online slots.

Mega Moolah’s $20 Million Win

Imagine becoming a millionaire in a matter of minutes! Well, a Canadian player got to tell the tale after winning 20.06 Million Canadian dollars. This is the biggest winning in Canadian history. However, the identity of the player is still anonymous.

Also, the winning has also made it to the Guinness world book of records.

Mega Moolah’s $13 million wins.

Mega Moolah is where the big bucks are if you want to make millions from online gambling.

The identity of the player also remains unknown. All we know is that the player paid in US dollars.

However, it is safe to say that we can cancel the USA out because Mega moolah is not available in the USA.

Mega Moolah’s $ 6 Million

Jackpot city had a lucky online gambler winning over 8 Million dollars. After the casino taxes and other deductions, the money ends up at 6 million Canadian dollars.

So log in to your favourite uk online casinos and win that real money online. There is no other way to start saving up that retirement fund.

Mars Attack’s $5Million Jackpot

A Newcastle chef is telling a tale of how he walked away with 4.32 million British pounds. More so, he won the money while playing on his mobile phone.

In his interview at Belfast Telegraph, the 33-year-old Sean Doyle says that he could not believe his luck. After, he went on to switch off his phone in disbelief of how much he was getting.

Despite winning major bucks, the online gambler went on to report to work the next day.