The Heater In Poker

Poker can be cruel and it can be kind. The combination of luck and skill make it a sumptuous proposition for anyone involved, but why do some players seem to go on such amazing runs?

Poker HeaterWhen a player goes on a successive run of victories, such as in a Betfair Omaha poker game, it is known as a heater because you are literally on fire.

Everything you touch seems to turn to gold. The very best players in the game know that this is the way that their world operates.

They go through barren spells, known as downswings, and upswings, known as heaters. They can feel when they are on a heater. It’s not just the results but also an actual feeling.

What the top players do exceptionally well is continue to play when they are on a heater. They try to squeeze every last flame out of the run, because they know there might not be another one like it for quite some time.

A Heater – In Poker?

So what is a heater and how do they appear?

A heater is simply a period of time where a player is having more luck with their poker strategy than normal. This luck creates confidence and the confidence leads to a more aggressive approach when on the table.

Spots are not second-guessed and instead they are met with confidence. Stress dissipates leaving the mind free to focus. Momentum begets momentum, and a heater is momentum personified.

If you find yourself on a winning streak like no other, you may be encouraged to squirrel your winnings away. Hopefully, after reading this you will understand that this is the wrong approach.