Free Spins

free spins


We often see well established online Casinos offering Free Spins. This is a way for new players to become familiar with their products as well as a means of attracting new business

Before we move onto Free Spins and their mechanics we need to emphasise the fact that should An Online Casino not offer Free Spins they are not to be shunned as they may offer their players different options in the form of cashbacks or match bonuses.

Casinos offer a variety of different ways in which to acquire Free Spins and we will be looking at this in a little more depth.

How to get Free Spins?

A free Spin in layman terms is basically the chance to spin a reel at no cost to you.

Free Spins may be given to new players in the Online Casinos Welcome Package, or they may give you several Free Spins just for registering with them, so when you are given a Free Spin and you play using it nothing will be deducted off your current balance.

Often Casinos will have them as a limited promotion which will apply to both new and existing players and they will be in the form of reload bonuses and tournaments where Free Spins will be part of the lure.

Let us now have a look at the different types of Free Spins:

Wager Free Spins:

These Free Spins come with no wagering requirements, so no bonus terms need to be fulfilled, however if they are not advertised as such then we suggest you read the terms and conditions attached to the Free Spins giveaway to make sure you know what they entail before claiming them.

The No Deposit Free Spin:

This can at times become confusing when you read about Free Spins or No Deposit Free Spins, so let’s clarify:

A No Deposit Free Spin is where no deposit is required to receive them. On the other hand, normal Free Spins generally require a deposit to be made prior to you receiving them, the deposit is minimal and prescribed by the Online Casino you decide to play at e.g. Deposit £10 and get 20 Free Spins.

As previously mentioned Free Spins are often part of a Casinos Welcome package however can be awarded at random be it part of their loyalty programme or a limited promotion.

Winning with Free Spins:

Free Spins can add to your winnings, that is why punters love receiving them, also any winnings from a Free Spin is added to your balance. Always remember that most of the Free Spins do come with wagering requirements so pay heed to the Terms and Conditions.

No Deposit Free Spins:

No Deposit Free Spins is exactly what the name implies, no deposit is required to receive the Free Spins. A lot of the time Free Spins are given away to entice players to sign up and often they are part of a generous Welcome Bonus.

Often Casinos will also give away No Deposit Free Spins for further deposits and generally these no deposit spins have no wagering requirements, so whatever you win is yours.

This admittedly is rare as its basically like giving away cash, and what business can afford to do that? Some online casinos see past this and look at long term gains and loyal returning gamblers and are taking a risk believing that the initial short-term loss will keep customers happy and loyal and they will keep playing at their casino.