Folding in Poker

You just do not seem to get a hand and everyone around you is pretty solid as well. You have decided that the best way you are going to get any money out of this game is to play tight and wait for some good hands. You wait, and wait, and wait, but the hands do not come. You start to think to question your play and there is one big problem you believe you have, “They are all noticing that I am folding all of the time. When I eventually get a hand they will know I have a monster!”

If you are playing a low to mid level of poker then it is more than likely that your assumption will be wrong. While you think Fred is looking at you he is checking out the large breasts on the waitress stood behind you. When you think Franky is staring into your soul there is a monkey in his head banging the cymbals. When you think Samantha has got you sussed she is thinking about what shoes to wear to the nightclub a little later on.

The point is, only the very best poker players will be paying attention to how tight or loose you have been playing. The very best poker players do not participate too often in low to mid stakes poker games. So next time you are worried about what other people are thinking, put it into perspective, consider the game you are in and ask yourself this simple question.

“Is that person capable of thinking about my poker style on a higher level.”

If the answer is no then keep on folding!

Written by Alex, an avid poker and bingo player. In her spare time, she often visits and checks out the latest games on offer.